IO Colocation Services

  IO’s data centre as a service offers a range of colocation services that are engineered for security, reliability, scalability, flexibility, and cost-efficiency. Offering both traditional cabinets & cages on raised floor as well as dynamic any density, cabinets and dedicated space in next generation modules; makes IO the right choice during your data centre selection process.

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IO’s colocation platform provides a number of advantages over building your own data centre or colocating in a traditional environment. Instead of investing capital to procure, deploy and maintain data centre infrastructure or over buying capacity from a traditional provider to support the unpredictable future need, IO’s Colocation platform allows you to purchase data centre capacity as it is needed. Private dedicated space at IO is not reserved for only the largest customers, because IO can dedicate a fully private hard walled module with as little as 18 cabinets. Our customers have found that by licensing the data centre as a service from IO they are able to get the security they need and preserve budget in core areas of their business. IO’s Data Centre as a Service provides businesses and governments the ability to scale their data centre footprint in an agile, reliable, and secure environment. It’s your data centre. Future-proofed.